How did you get started?

I often get asked, "What is the best way is to get started on a career as a makeup artist?" I wish I could say that there is one easy answer, but unfortunately, there is not. Every professional makeup artists I have known whom has 'gotten there,' has followed there own path, and it is a path that is, at times, a very involved and personal journey. In fact, the only common thread I have noticed between those who 'have made it,' and those who 'have not,' has simply been the amount of their consistency and determination.

Basically I am saying, you can do anything you put your mind to, and a career in makeup (in the USA anyway) seems to me to be more about 'what you can do' than 'how you get there.'

Yes, there are schools that teach makeup, and for some that is the path that bests suits- but it wasn't for me. For me, I learned on my own, in my garage, in my spare time, while I went to high school and than eventually graduated collage with an Associates in Arts. 

 There were times I had to do other jobs that had nothing to do with makeup to pay the bills, but steadily I was able to hone my skills, learn the ropes, and network enough to get into the makeup union to be able to work on Film and Television.... somewhat stedily. 

 Anyway, here are some books and resources that may start helping you on that path. Try to do them all, not necessarily in this order. Good Luck- and don't give up.



Find books and Practice.... that's it.



Learn FUNDAMENTALS of art.... yes, all art. Your a Makeup "artist"


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Join a Union

Local IATSE 798 Makeup and Hair Union. This is the Union for Makeup and Hair here on the east coast. Go here and learn what you need to do to get in. (If your living on the west coast, its Local IATSE 706).